Thursday, February 24, 2011

Honey...It's good!

Things move sort of slow after the holidays in Blue Ridge so Linda and I, along with our three cats headed for Lake family's vacation get away for nearly 70 years.  Nothing to do there but canoe, walk, rollerblade, read and eat!  Oh yes--and sleep...the cats insisted we sleep!

J.M. Duggar--Bee Keeper

While we were there, we paid a visit to an old neighbor across the Lake who happens to produce Linda's favorite honey on the planet.  Only producing Tupelo honey, which he calls "tupela"...Mr. Duggar has it down to an art...after 50+ years of bee keeping.  So you see where my story is going...We now carry "tupela" honey from Mr. Duggar at Out of the Blue.  Delicious and nutrious, we sampled it last Saturday on some fresh chevre with roasted Georgia Pecans.

Stop in--this is too sweet to miss!

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larry said...

Can it be bought on line?