Thursday, January 15, 2009

Off and running in 2009...

Burr, when the weather gets cold we always remember to layer our clothing to make the best of the season. Well, I just returned from the International Food Show in San Francisco where I was layering flavors for two full days! The show this year was over run with chocolates and cheeses, so I guess that is this years "trend". Last year's trend was (get this) green and organic. Well, you all know me well enough to know I was ahead of THAT trend by only 20 years,
so let me give you a little preview (insight) of our coming year at Out of the Blue.

February 7 th will offer a personalized book signing and the introduction of Eat Like There Is No Tomorrow. Brand new cookbook from our best pal, and incomparable Chef, Hans Rueffert. The book is beautifully photographed by Amy Rueffert (and Hans) loaded with great, healthy recipes and wonderful text. It almost reads like an IS an autobiography. I am so proud of it, I don't know how to convey how much fun this event will be.
Almost immediately you will find new microbrews in the store and an expanded complimentary cheese assortment. I am very excited about both of those additions. The new beers are outstanding and get this, from South Carolina. The four guys that brew these beers are all under 40 and take it from me, they have the mojo to please. There are six great beers in all and the common denominator is the quality, taste and name. All three are there. Check them out.

Expanded cheese lines will continue to come from award winning Georgia cheese makers as well as a new edition from the West Coast... oh my Goodness. There will also be expanded tastings coming from Bella Cucina, The French Farm, Flat Creek Lodge, and Logan Turnpike Mill just to name a few.

Along with these amazing additions we will also be bringing in some hard salamis. A duck sausage with figs and brandy...shush don't say brandy in Blue Ridge! But, look out taste buds !
This is all going to be incredible, affordable and healthy! We are all going to be eating at home more in the new year, but we will continue to invite and share with our friends over great recipes, great meals and great company. Again, the "layering" effect we started with. Remember, to sacrifice what goes on your plate is a false economy.

Eat well, Eat clean, and Eat often.

Did I mention even more biodynamic and organic wines? Oh yes.

salut !


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