Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheese Anyone?

Through my passion for wines and my obsession to offer the finest in our area, a new love emerged...CHEESE.  Admittedly, it was a natural progression and has proving to be satisfying beyond my wildest dreams.

It is so much fun to expose our guests to cheese and encourage them to taste the differences, understand that like wine, it reflects the terroir.

Am I getting off the chain here?  Can't help it.  I just completed my second cheese class at the Institut du Fromage and it has me on fire.  I want to taste and talk cheese nonstop.

The Institut is a two day intensive of tasting, grading, smelling, touching and talking cheese with the actual cheese makers, chemists, president of the American Cheese Society and other mongers around the country. 

Thankfully, there is plenty more for me to study, taste and learn but for now I look forward to sharing what I know with you,

Let's taste some cheese!