Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Arrivals

As most of you know, every January Linda and I attend the International Fancy Food Show to stay current with all the new products and trends in the specialty food industry. It is always enlightening and interesting, plus it is the best opportunity to meet the actual creators of many of the unique products we stock.

Our focus has always been small companies with award winning products, made in small batches with the best ingredients available...our philosophy and way of living for over 20 years. That is why it was so puzzling for us to find the NEW trend in the industry is GREEN and ORGANIC!? Huh??

This serves as a reminder to us that Big Business is like a lumbering giant, and small business is fast moving and ever-changing to meet the needs of an interested and educated customer base.It is our constant commitments at Out of the Blue to always offer you the very best products we can find, as well as bet the first in our area to find them.

Having said that, it is with great pleasure we finally announce the arrival of some of our favorite picks of this winter's food show...two new wine confits from France as well as Spongata and Balsamic Creamas direct from Italy. These delicious products make wonderful parings with fruits, hard cheeses, sauces and desserts. Stop by on any Saturday and sample some with us.

Salut !