Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come

Got Beer?
Somewhere in the late 19th century, a beer enthusiast made his way from the local pub with a galvanized pail of brew in hand. With each step his beer sloshed about in the pail as CO2 escaped with a growl, thus coining the word "growler" to indicate all vessels that would carry tapped craft brews.

Now you can fill a custom 32 or 64 ounce growler at Out of the Blue! Our new growler station offers 6 varieties of craft beers with an alternating menu featuring India Pale Ales, lagers, Belgian Ales, and Farmhouse Saisons.

Once you purchase a growler you never need to purchase one again; you simply bring the growler to the store and fill it with a new selection. (We actually give you a sterilized one like yours) Properly capped, a growler can keep beer nice and fresh for a week.

Our smaller growlers are perfect for trying several craft brews! 
For our wine lovers, we have the product of the year. It is the Corkcicle, a new way to chill wine from the inside. The Corkcicle is like an icicle with a cork attached. Simply place your Corkcicle in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Open a bottle of wine and pour out the first tastes to make room for the Corkcicle. Enjoy a perfectly chilled bottle with no ice bucket. Re-use again and again. This is the perfect accessory for far-away cabins where ice machines are rarer than Yetis. City-folk love them too.

Have you seen the incredible bounty of Rhododendron in Blue Ridge this year? Stream banks, lake shores and the forests are full of the pale pink softball sized (larger, really) blooms. We suggest you fill a growler, get a bottle of wine and a Corkcicle, pack a picnic of gourmet provisions and get out there!

Summertime and the living is good