Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kathryn Kolb - December 20th

K. Kolb and I have been pals since we met in 1988. Kathryn had been moving toward her passion for photography since graduating from Emory and I had just started working at Showcase. Even though we were on opposite sides of the counter (yes, I have always been a salesperson!) we still shared a very powerful force-passion. 

Kathryn started her career doing rock photography, at least that is how I remember it. Going to Indigo Girls concerts when they just released their first record, and going backstage with Kathryn. I was COOL! Kathryn was workin'. She always was on the crest of all music waves in Atlanta and I was one of the beneficiaries. Then Kathryn felt another current that needed her passion way more than anything she had yet put her energy behind. Trees and politics in her own town...Atlanta.  Thinking about in now, I realize it was K. Kolb who taught me that political awareness and energy starts grassroots in your own backyard. Kathryn and a handful of passionate and committed citizens crafted the Trees Atlanta Ordinance that is currently on the books. Linda and I went to a lot of those meetings and it was amazing and inspiring to see that wisp of a person (K.Kolb is tiny) in front of hundreds laying out the consequences of choices people were making. 
I was proud of her then and I am proud of her now. With the release of her new book of photographs Kathryn is ready to share her vision. Join us at Out of the Blue Saturday, December 20th from noon until four to visit with Kathryn, get your autographed copy of her new art book and be inspired by the passion.