Friday, August 1, 2008

The Band, The Beach, The Buzz......

Oops ! I missed June and July updates on the Blog !!

Just because there were no entries doesn't mean nothing was happening - just the opposite !

Life has been crazy and business is booming at Out of the Blue.

June was filled with phone calls and organization centered around the July 4th Parade sponsored every year by the Business Association. This year marked the return of the Amazing Seed & Feed Marching Abominable Band from Atlanta. The Seed & Feed is the oldest renegade street band of it's kind in the U.S. . It is a wild and crazy bunch of volunteer musicians and other talented characters that are guaranteed to spice up any event they attend...

and they did just that. The town of Blue Ridge loves them and they love us so we are on for next year already. Mark your calendars ! Save the date and join us for an amazing day of music, floats, fire engines, tractors, horses, antique cars and costumed cyclists along with all the traditional fun things that everyone enjoys on the 4th.

(just a few Band Friends visiting Out of the Blue..Linda and I are on the right)

After all that excitement we headed off to Atlanta to shop the Mart. We found some really cool products from environmentally friendly companies that sell "green glass" and garden pots made of rice that will decompose in three years...after they provide you with a season or more of organic herbs and spices. Then I stumbled on some handmade, hand painted French ceramics unlike anything I have ever seen. Exquisite pieces, one of a kind art our friends and customers have come to expect at Out of the Blue. Cool stuff - functional stuff - beautiful stuff. As far as any new culinary discoveries, well, we will get back to that...

Then it was off to the beach for a long overdue break with hometown friends I went to elementary and junior high school with. For the last three years Linda and I have enjoyed "Girl's Weekend" at Seagrove with these crazy women - only thing is, we turn it into a whole week ! Each year just gets better and better with more and more laughs, great dinners, stories and tough decisions like...pool or beach? Nap or a walk? If I ever get the blues, I just take a look at who my friends are and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. A heartfelt Thank You to Mary for hosting another wonderfully relaxing week.

With me, it is always back to food - so, after finding nothing at the Atlanta Show in the culinary world, I came home hungry, only to discover what I was looking for was right in my shop ! Created and delivered by my dear friend and Chef, Hans Rueffert. Last year Hansi concocted HONEY BUZZ - his amazing spice blend of smoked peppers, honey powder, (yes - powder) orange peel and sea salts. Well, Out of the Blue sold it like crazy and Poor Hans was making it in his kitchen with his 5 year old daughter, Ella. The next step for us was to find a "co-packer" and start going big time with Honey Buzz. The packaging is as fun as the flavor is versatile. Sprinkle on chicken, chops, seafood and veggies and dig in. We are going National with this readers ! Stay tuned for the almost immediate release of SUGAR BABY, CAJUN JOE and OUT of the BLUE Lavender Sea Salt.

Stop in for a taste of HONEY BUZZ and our other amazing new spice blends soon.

Salut !