Friday, August 21, 2009

Tiny bubbles...

Want to turn regular tap water into Perrier or San Pellegrino for pennies a glass? So did I! But most of the gadgets and compression tools I found felt either extremely cheap or felt like they belonged in a hardware store. But not this baby!

You have to stop by the store and check out a refreshing demo of our new Penguin. This arctic bird will not only dazzle and amaze, but will keep you in plain or flavored carbonation for next to nothing using your own tap or filtered water. I can't stop drinking the's THAT GOOD!

The complete kit comes with two CO2 carbonators, two glass carafes, and of course the Penguin carbonation system. We are the exclusive Penguin dealer in North Georgia and it fits right in at Out of the Blue. No waste, no fuss. We'll even recycle the CO2 cans for you!

The tiny bubbles are flowing at Out of the Blue, so what are you waiting for?

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