Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sustainability and OOTB

In this fast-paced world it helps to stay close to what works, to what is real and sustainable. One has to maintain, support and nourish in order to have sustenance. It is like having your feet firmly planted on the ground while keeping your knees bent-you can always shift your position and still have a center of gravity...a heart.

This is a picture of our winter garden. Linda has worked very hard making this garden come to life, but there was no way we could have done this alone, or even with books. It took the help of our dear friend and organic farmer, Cheryl Cahill to provide the insight, knowledge of the land and plants,and the laughter while double-digging the garden, to make it all come to life...even in 20 degree weather! Cheryl can grow food from concrete and provides produce for many in Fannin County from the Noontoola Valley Farm she shares with fellow farmer Richard Starke.

I love this picture of Cheryl. It just shines with her goodness and honor. A real farmer...a real friend.


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